The Challenge at Tibiao, Antique, Philippines

Memorable, Remarkable and Unforgettable experience I had at Tibiao.

Antique is a province of the Philippines, located in Region VI, Western Visayas. It has 18 municipalities with 590 barangays, and it is bounded by the rugged mountains.

Antique is full of nature and adventure. One of which is Tibiao, it is a 4th class municipality in the Province  of Antique with 21 barangays. It is located in the Northern part of the province with a total  73 Km away from Iloilo City or four (4) hours of travel by bus.

Tibiao,  Antique offers great adventure, to wit: Kayaking (playing with their wild river), Zipline, Cayoneering, Kawa Hot Bath plus the Bugtong Bato falls. All of these are located at Barangay Tuno of Tibiao.

How to get there:

From Iloilo City, you need to ride a Bus  going toBrgy, Importante, Tibiao, (the terminal is located in Molo, Iloilo City), the fare expense is Php 170.

From Brgy. Importante you need to ride in a motor cycle “Habal-habal” going to kayak inn, located in Brgy. Tuno, Tibiao, with a fare expense of  PhP 35-70  per head.

Kayak inn offers:

Kayaking for almost one hour – PhP 600

Kawa Hot Bath – PhP 200

Bugtong Bato Falls – PhP 100 for tour guide/ PhP 20 for entrance fee

Nipa Hut/Cottage for over night – PhP 500 maximum of four persons.

Food- available as you order.

LGU Offers:

Zipline & Canyoneering – (sorry no idea about the price)

River is my playground

I enjoyed every rapids I take 🙂 Bugsay!!!!

The 2nd Falls

With Mac…. CS Friend

super relaxing

The Kawa Hot Bath with Mac


My CDO and Bukidnon Voyage

Things to do in Cagayan de Oro and Bukidnon.
July 20-23, 2012

Mapawa Adventure Park (River Treeking and Horse back riding)

Zipline at Dahilayan Adventure Park – The longest Dula Zipline in Asia

White Water Rafting – With White Water Tours

Kampojuan – The first Anicycle ride in Asia + Hanging Bridge and Two Zipline.
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“A Unique Adventure” Only at Kampojuan

Experience the Extreme River Trekking @ Mapawa Adventure Park, Cagayan de Oro, Mindanao, Philippines

The Wild Water Adventure ” White Water Ratfing” CDO, Mindanao, Philippines


CDO White Water Rafting

The white water rafting adventure at CDO with my colleagues and travel buddy: Glaiza tabulinar, Scarlet Abella, Aillen Palomo, Tee Jalorina, May Tolentino and Ian Gadot.

What is funny in this adventure was…  Ian and I fall out in the raft boat due to the strong rapids :-). Hi 5… Ahoo ahooo… just for Php 1000.00 you will enjoy the 21 rapids of the wild river of Cagayan de oro.

Thanks to all the staff of the White Water Tours. You made our trip complete.

This is one of the unforgettable experience I had and I will cherish it for the rest of my life… …

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The Wild Water Adventure ” White Water Ratfing” CDO, Mindanao, Philippines

Video credit to: Ian Gadot

Am I a traveler?

A good traveler has no fixed plans, and is not intent on arriving.  ~ Lao Tzu

My life became interesting this past few days. Travel here, travel there, travel everywhere. People say I am rich… but honestly, I’m not. For me, every single cents counts.

The main reason why I am eager to go out in my cage, its just  because I am depressed, lonely and helpless. Going out is only part of my coping mechanism. It is not an indicator that I am a traveler.

… I am only an out going person, I love to explore new places and do such adventure with limited budget. Right now, going out on my cage, becomes my passion and it impart new vigor in my mind. I don’t want that my life be disrupted by my  routine. I want something new, something unique and something interesting.

My expedition started when I was  at JBLFMU. It started on a socialization trip, until I realized that the world could be my playground. As far as I could remember, the first place I visited outside Iloilo and Guimaras was Bacolod City. I am really in high spirits during that time. You know the feeling of first time??? I’m sure you know because all of us, had our first time. Then, I was given a chance to visit Cagayan de Oro in 2008,  followed by Dumaguete City, Bais City, Don Salvador Benedicto, Cebu and Bohol. In 2009 I visited Manila, Subic, Baguio, Zamboanga, Pagadian City, Aklan and Boracay Island. In 2010 I went to Cebu, Camiguin, Cagayan de Oro, Bukidnoon, Baguio and Davao. In 2011, I’ve been in Negros Occidental and Oriental, to wit: Ruins, Mambukal, Dumaguete, Tanjay and Kanlaon. In addition, I also went to  Baguio,  Manila, Boracay and Kalibo Aklan at the same year . Of course, this year 2012, I’ve been in Negros, Palawan, Southern Cebu, Cagayan de Oro and Bukidnoon. I don’t know where and what will be the next?.

One thing I am sure, I really enjoyed and cherished the moments when I was in the place stated above. The wonderful thing about my travel is that,  it provides me an experiences that will remain locked forever in my mind. 

Why we need to get out in our cage sometime?

* To explore new places

* To do such adventures

* To get away from our working environment

* To meet people half way

* To appreciate the beauty of the nature

* To get away from our self

* To step our foot on a foreign land

* To experience extra ordinary things

* To learn

* and to make a history in our own life

Dahilayan Adventure Park “Longest Dual Zipline in Asia”

Want something new? just visit the very clean and coolest place at Dahilayan Adventure Park which is located at Manolo Fortich, Dahilayan, Bukidnon, Mindanao, Philippines.

Dahilayan Adventure Park boasts of two 840m Ziplines ride. It is one of the best tourist attraction in Bukidnon, although going there quite difficult with long travel in a rough road from Cagayan de Oro, but the scenery was amazing, the cool breeze of the wind is very refreshing. When you already there you can really feel and get in touch with the nature. The pine trees were arrange accordingly which add to the attractions of the place.

The main attraction of the place is the zipline experience, they have the all rides zips with  150m, 320 m and the 840m dual zipline. Get the thrill of your life, shout as loud as you can while riding in the longest dual zipline in Asia.  Feel the cool and foggy weather of the place.

We did the first 320m setting position of dual Zipline , followed by the 150m and the highlight of which is the 840m dual zip . We need to take a shuttle to drive us to this  station, it’s almost a 10 minutes ride uphill. As we reached the last station,  we wear our safety gears again, but this time its a superman style. It was not my first time to ride in a zipline, but still I am excited because at that time I am riding in the Asia’s longest dual zipline with 4,500 ft above the ground crossing between pine trees. I could really feel the fresh and cool breeze of the wind.

It’s a precious and amazing adventure that I will never forget  for the rest of my life!

Double the fun… 320 meters zip
Photo credit to: Dahilayan Adventure Park

I conquered Asia’s Longest Dual Zipline…. 840 meters zip
Photo Credit to: Dahilayan Adventure Park

the scenery

the scenery 2

The Pine trees

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“A Unique Adventure” Only at Kampojuan

Finding a unique eco-adventure destination in the Philippines? Kampojuan at Manolo Fortich, Bukidnnon can give you this.

According to the source, the nine hectars was divided into agricultural area and an adventure area where there is an Anicycle ride, a hanging bridge and two zipline ride.

The anicycle ride is  100ft above the ground and 250 meters across.

The Hanging Bridge is 120 meters across the ravine and 165 meters above the river.

The zipline is 180 ft above the ground and the first ride is 720 ft long while the second ride is 1800ft long.

I am not scared doing this kind of adventure, the harness made me feel safe; but honestly, my heart  was trembling due to my fears in a high places. But what  I am proud of was I survived the kampojuan extreme adventure with no regrets and no surrender.

A best place, amazing destination with a unique extreme adventure.

With this great experience we only paid 950 pesos including transportation from CDO and back, plus the delicious snacks they served 🙂

my anicycle ride experience


the hanging bridge

The scenery near the entrance

serves as their clock .. its really unique

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Experience the Extreme River Trekking @ Mapawa Adventure Park, Cagayan de Oro, Mindanao, Philippines

Are you adventurous?  nature lover? survivor? If so… I dare you to visit and experience the  Mapawa Nature and Adventure Park at Cagayan de Oro, Mindanao, Philippines.

The Mapawa Nature Park is located in Malasag Brgy Cugman. just 12 kms. from Cagayan de Oro City.

I like and I love everything about Mapawa Adventure Park, (the river trekking and horseback riding). I love the way how the tour guides treat their guests. I love the environment, the place is incomparable.. what else I could say??? Hmmm everything is wonderful.

I am so glad that once in a while I experienced the challenge of  MAPAWA Adventure Park . First time in my life that I’ve did this kind of adventure: sliding in the water falls, jumping in the 25ft cliff , rappelling in a 65ft water falls and the horseback riding.   All of these can only found in one place, the paradise, which they used to call “MAPAWA NATURE AND ADVENTURE”.

This place is best for your  family, peers, friends and groups who wants an extreme adventure for only 1,450 pesos including transportation from CDO and back, plus the nutritious lunch  🙂

Only at MAPAWA Adventure Park

the horseback riding

We enjoy the challenge … its really fun

The scenery…. Awesome view

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The Wild Water Adventure ” White Water Ratfing” CDO, Mindanao, Philippines

Looking to experience the greatest adventure of your life? Be among the first to brave and flow with the rapids at Cagayan de Oro, Minadanao, wild river.

Feeling like a first time, but honestly it was my second time to do and experience the white water rafting at Cagayan de Oro. Your trip to CDO is not complete with out experiencing the adventure in their wild river.  As you go along with the rapids, surely you could not describe the excitement and happiness you’ve felt.

We choose the Great White Water Tours and booked on the beginner course, but when we already their, we decided to upgrade into an advance course which is approximately 3 to 4 hours flowing in the river. According to the guides, the rapids in the advanced course are relatively more wild compare to the beginner which sometime cause you to fall out of the raft.

Before the game begin, the guides give a brief orientation regarding the adventure, they also let as sign a waiver, and then wear our safety gears. As we already in the wild river and enjoying the rapids, there was a funny and unforgettable experienced I’ve got, Me and one of my friend  fall out in the raft boat. Yes!..what the guides told us is true, it happened, I fall out in the raft due to the wild rapids but I am not scared because I have a safety gears and I know a little how to swim.

It so lovely, It was a great adventure…. If given a chance, I will do it again.

One of the immeasurable happiness I had for only PhP 1000.00 🙂 Great experience that full of fun 🙂

the great white water tours

Extreme experience at the wild river of CDO


Flowing with the wild river


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My 2nd Glimpse at San Joaquin, Iloilo

My second glimpse at San Joaquin Iloilo was full of fun. July 7, 2012 (Saturday) when my college friends called me up to have a trip the unplanned trip.  It was so timely because that time I was so eager to go out in my cage. An hour before the trip, they decided to visit the beautiful place of San Joaquin, Iloilo.

Just an hour or fifty- three kilometers away from Iloilo City is place of San Joaquin, the southernmost town of Iloilo and the gateway to the Province of Antique. According to the source, San Joaquin is a 2nd class municipality in the province of Iloilo, Philippnes.

Sunny afternoon when we arrived in the said place. We had visited the Church, the Plaza, the Municipal Hall and of course the newly opened tourist destination, the Garin Farm. The heat of the sun could not stop us to explore the beautiful scenery of the place. When I was in the top of the Pilgrimage at Garin Farm, there’s a realization in me of how beautiful and simple God’s creation, I was so lucky because I was here in this world experiencing and enjoying the scenery that God’s prepared for his people.

My nonsense Saturday turns worthwhile. I am so thankful with my College friends (Remia, Merba, Krizna, Retchel) who was with me during the tedious moment of my life.  Yes! it was not my first time in the place, but yet the exciting and fun was like a FIRST TIME 🙂

At the San Joaquin Plaza

The San Joaquin Cathedral

The beauty of the Garin farm

I have lots of differences: I’m not perfect

The weak can never forgive . Forgiveness is the attribute of the strong.

Mahatma Gandhi

I know, I cant do anything what I’ve already did 😦 but I also know, that I can face up to it  and fixed it ^_^ I can tell the truth and can seek forgiveness.

I am not perfect, sometimes I commit mistake, sometimes I’ve did such things which I am not aware that I already offended others, but there are also times that people misinterpret my ways, my words and  my actions. The only thing I can do is to seek forgiveness that sincerely comes from my heart. It was not my intention to offend you, It was not my intention to hurt you… If I’ve did anything wrong to you.. I sincerely ask an apology, may be you are an instrument to make my self grow and makes my life better.

If I did anything wrong, I felt so sorry and felt bad about it. I know, I could not turned back time to correct everything, so  as long as there is a chance, I will grab it and fixed the damage I’ve did.

 I’m only human is not a reason in being sorry… Saying sorry is a matter of recognizing your fault and correcting the wrong acts you’ve did. Somebody said….“An apology is the superglue of life. It can repair just about anything. “

I am a kind of person who is kind by heart, who’s a lot of fun to be with and can easily go with the flow… but I know I’m not perfect.. I am a unique individual that sometimes made a mistake, but I am an individual who is very willing to kneel down to fix the damage I’ve made. I don’t want conflict and misunderstanding. I am bothered of it, even I know that it was not my mistake. I will make everything to fixed the trouble I made (or I did not made).

Life is too short.. so why I keep hatred in my hearts? We all know that “FORGIVENESS IS THE SWEET REVENGE”.

Right now I am looking forward for a forgiveness from a friend. Honestly I don’t know what causes conflict between us but what ever it is.. I hope we can both fixed it. If it was my fault… I sincerely ask sorry…. I hope everything gonna be okey!!!

God bless us!

the hardest word to say 😦